Kamis, 22 November 2012

His Dad,

He was the first man who held me tight in his arm, just after I was born
He was the first man who  worried when I was sick
He was the first man who felt terrified when I was lost of his sight
He was the first man who raised his anger to my complexities of mind

He is the first man who support me to be what I am today
He is the first man who know how to conquer my wild dreams and imagination
He is the first man who learn that it is useless to go against my rational minds
He is the first man who show me that injustice happens beyond our safe family home

But yes, He did some mistakes too from my perspective
He was frequently out of town when I was growing up
He was so patriarchal and he acted for many years that domestic works are women works
He still could be very terrified with homosexuality and still has very strong opinion on it

Yeap, we have our differences
But I love him no matter what and I know for sure that he loves me evenmore

he grows old
he has experienced many sickness
he is not the man I used to remember - strong, healthy and protecting

But you know what,
He is my Dad and I love him so much, that it hurts me to imagine that he is getting older

happy birthday Dad
I am praying so hard that God allows me to spend many years ahead with you..

Menuliskan kembali, Tulisan Ibu Marcia Soumokil.. tentang Sang Ayah.
yang telah kembali ke pelukan Sang Kuasa beberapa waktu lalu.
Rest In peace for him..

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