Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

Friday I'm In Love

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I like to see you walk closer to me, yesterday..
In a Friday night
You look seems more fat, but you look same
the Bag, Jacket and sport shoes that you always bring

that was our Friday, spent our night together

I like to see you smile, when you say..
"you here with me now.."
than I like when you hug, while saying..
"I really miss you.."

we had a dinner last night, 
Sate Padang, because no other option
and I love when we using bajay
because bajay seat is only fit for two

time moves so fast
time try to steal you again from me

saturday is come, i wake up..
your still there.. but time is waiting..
because you have to go back..

you stand behind my back and hold me tight
in a crowded bus
you kiss my hair, and hold my shoulder

I dont say goodbye
but I say I thank you for comin
for see me, and to answer my emptyness

but, time is very nice..
because they gives us a time 
to meet again at monday

thanks for comin' Jakarta @febbylorentz

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