Sabtu, 27 September 2014

My Daughter Zoo Days!

allow me to write my article today in English. 
Feel free to correct if there's an weird sentence or words inside.

After 4th day Holiday in Belitong with my office staff, I feel so tired and exhausted. I was thinking a second after the plan arrived in Soekarno Hatta International Airport, I don't wanna go anywhere tomorrow. I really need a sleep because next tuesday I have flight plan to Bangkok, Thailand. but tadaaaa.. after 1 hours flight from Belitong to Jakarta, and 3 hours from Jakarta to Bandung, when I'm arrived home, while my daughter hug me and welcoming me at home, she said "tomorrow we will go to the zoo! Yeayy.." She's Yelling, and I'm trying to smile. Oh My...

And here I am this morning, in Bandung City Zoo, with many kids from my daughter school and also their parents. Still very sleepy, but I really need to accompany her. that's one of my commitment before we move to Bandung. did you remember that mom? I laugh on my self. yes, i remember, and I commit on that. so, here is our journey on Bandung City Zoo this Morning.

It isn't her first time to the zoo. we have been visiting Taman Safari at Puncak and Also Ragunan Zoo at Jakarta. but at that time, she so small, she's just 3 and 4 years old. she cannot analyze or give comment and opinion. she only can amaze with new creature in front of her. Than this time I decide to make this trip to journey more meaningfull. Her teacher allow us (the parents) to guide our children. she give the student a 2 paper with a task. they need to write down name of the animal that they see, are they mamalia or reptilia, and they should describe the character of the anymal such as, how many feet and hands that the animal have, or what kind of food that they eat, etc,etc.. so, thats why its important all mommas come here and guide all their children.

this is our journey. after so many time visiting zoo when she was a child, she's more impress now. with all animal. because she used to read  them in a book, or saw it in television. so she can imagine, what kind of animal is it, or which animal that she want to see and asking more about it. So we meet the elephant, horse, snake, bear, many kind of bird, crocodile etc. She also asking me so many question like this.

"so whats the different between zebra and horse? are they same? the stripes on zebra body, is it possible if the horse have it also.."

well i only answer No, it impossible. zebra is zebra, and horse is horse. 

Hahaha, I slap my face. stupid me, is that the correct answer? I hope so.

other thing like food and why they are so stinks is easier for me to answer. but overall, she look so happy this time. we should arrange more time to visit the zoo. or go to the library after that, to find out the spesific different between the zebra and horse. because malika said, their both have similiar smell, and so stinks. Hahaha, LOL Malika. So we end up today with review her task, and see that she can fill all the column with more than 10 animal so far. Proud!! yeay.. so, see you next time with out next journey my daughter. thanks for makes me awake at 5am because your so excited with the zoo today!

here are some picture that I capture at the zoo. she is using her uniform and forget to bring her cap, so she's using mine when she feel the sun in her head. other picture look weird, because shes afraid the animal will bite her neck.

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