Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Ucapan dari Surga

To my dear little girl,
I was stupid since I was born
the life I've had I waisted
and the world was felt so cruel
it's getting hard and hard everyday
what is the purpose of our life exactly
what's happen to this world
what should i do to make things happen
confused and unconsciousness questioning my day
it's death that i have to think to feel alive
it's sorrow that I have to felt first before I go
going somewhere and nowhere was useless
and I just kept waist my time

This is just a story to tell,  my story to share to you on your birthday cake
just make your wish.. your hope for your happiness
and let the stars be witness..
keep on your imaginations and try to make it come true

Cipinang, Oct 13rd 2005


ini adalah tulisan almarhum betsi.
orang yang pernah menjaga saya selama 9 tahun.
dibalik jeruji Cipinang dia menuliskan ini diatas bungkus rokok.. :)
damai dan bahagia disana engkau betsi bersamaNya

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