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Thank's For Sign My Petition!

Dear All,
I begin my petition from zero. No one know who am I? But with a great team work from my office and community, we start the petition at July 27th 2013 at the World Hepatitis Day. I dont even think that I should write in english or Indonesia, all I know that how we can push the health and treatment accessibility is easier. Today, there's a 600 people who already sign the petition. and I would like to thanks for your kindness. If we success to lower the Hepatitis treatment, this not just gonna help me, but all Indonesian people who need the treatment.

Short story from my petition, you can see also in this link for Bahasa Indonesia..

At this moment, I am actively campaigning for the dissemination of information about HIV to the public through a campaign called "Right to Health for People with HIV." Through this campaign, I communicate everyday about all things related to HIV and it is my help that the community can protect themselves from this illness and people already living with HIV can keep a bright spirit in their own lives. This type of spirit is one key to living a healthy life.

On July 28th, we celebrated World Hepatitis C Day. At this moment, the Ministry of Health estimates there are around 7 million Hepatitis C infections in Indonesia, and 10-12% will advance to liver cancer. I am one of these people living with Hepatitis C. For me and tens of thousands of others who live with HIV, this condition hurts us further because, based on research, we know that an HIV infection can cause Hepatitis C to advance to be more harmful and will cause death sooner for us.

At this moment, the WHO already added to their list of essential medicines the type called pegylated interferon. But this remains a challenge, that the price of this medication is still so expensive, reaching 2.5 million (~$250) per week, and so complete therapy for one patient requires 250 million rupiah (~$24,000).We learned from ARV medication for people with HIV that the price of medication can be influenced as long as there pharmaceutical companies recognize the importance of public health. The price of ARVs that were 10 years ago so expensive is now attainable even for citizens in developing countries and this has saved millions of lives, including lives in Indonesia.


Thats a short brief about this petition background. Then, at the August 20th. Mike Crinchton, Director of Roche the Big Pharma and asking for meeting with us. Yesterday, August 26th 2013 we finally met him.

Me, Aditya and Melly from Indonesia AIDS Coalition. And Mike with his Secretary Luci from roche. We’re not just talk about the Hepatitis treatment, but also about the testing/screening. They told us that Pegylated Interferon therapy covered already by ASKES and JAMKESMAS. So, they think it need a support from government to discuss about how to involve BPJS to provide social protection take the roles through this issue. And They asking us for connect them into ministry of health personally to have a deeply talk about lowering the price. For me its kinda weird.. why they dont want have a general meeting with the other pharmacy company, CSO, and also government.

At the future, we would like to set up join team for task force on Hepatitis C, there will be a CSO, Health Services, Government in a team. So we will talk and discuss about, what the step related to the issue that we want to push. The biggest problem is about screening and treatment on Hepatitis still very expensive, and also about the provision of health services.

Solusi Terapiku, Free tretment for me
 At the end of the meeting.. they give me a card. They said that Roche have a program for free treatment. I should talk to my doctor, and if my doctor say that I need Pegylated Interferon therapy, they would love to help me with that. But how about the others.... so I didn't give them answer before our work is done, and people can easily access the Hepatitis treatment with a lower price.

Dear friends and colleagues,
I will always updates all news about this thing. We will not gonna stop till end.
Thank you so much Mas Usman Hamid and Dhenok Pratiwi from Indonesia, My team on Indonesia AIDS Coalition (Edo, Melly, Bani, Iwang, and all). Thank you KateOtto for translating my petition, and Febby Lorentz for your kindness and hug. Thanks for 600 people, and all people around me. I Love You All!

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