Kamis, 18 September 2014

#SelfTalk Watch Your mouth!

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Think before you posting or, think before you say something.. well, its totally true. i was talking to my self while I'm writing this page. I was thinking that maybe in the past i have done so many things that hurt people with my word, or attitude, maybe that people never tell me that "hey ayu, you hurt me with your words.." but people will quiet and keep it just for them for the rest of their life. can you imagine that.. you'll never know, when is your word probably hurt people. I feel it tonight. and that words comes from someone who i never expect would say that. i know he probably not really sure why he said that. but i was shock that maybe sometimes when people tired, people can hurt other with only word. now i try to make self reflection. lets try to forgive. don't  hurt your self with your bad feeling.  just thinking something bigger, better and good that you deserve to have in your life. that you deserve to be happy and healthy, with or without anyone.

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