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32 Of Life’s Best Feelings [Re-Post]

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1. When you call your favorite restaurant or make it there mere minutes before they close and they are still open/will take your order. SCORE.
2. When you meet someone new and you think to yourself, “We’re totally gonna have sex!” That thought process alone is already more interesting than the sex itself.
3. The way underwear feels for the first time when you put it on fresh out of the package. It will never be so tight!
4. Going shopping and finding a thing you really like, only to discover that the only ones left are way out of your size league. But OMG you just found the last piece in your size at the bottom of the pile!!!
5. An orgasm that just won’t quit :)
6. Coming out of the closet, if you’re gay, and discovering that your family support is still in tact.
7. Finding a barber/hairstylist who just GETS you and does your hair the right way, every time, without question. Trying out a new barber person who jacks your shit up is the absolute worst.
8. When the temperature in your shower reaches the exact temperature that you love. Just say no to jumping out and screaming in horror when it is too cold or too hot!
9. Getting that reimbursement/royalty/advance check!
10. Seeing your family members after a very long time away. Even if you can’t stand them, it’s great to see them for a hot minute before you return back to your real life.
11. When somebody gets you something that you really want, actually. You didn’t even have to plant hints or anything!
12. Getting tickets to something you really want to see just before it sells out.
13. Waking up earlier than expected, having a bowl of cereal and going back to bed. Laziness is so awesome.
14. Remembering that you have a whole tub of ice cream in the freezer, like I just did right now!
15. Eating bacon, at any time of day really.
16. Seeing a job announcement at your dream place and it sort of feels like they are looking for you specifically.
17. Sleeping entirely naked.
18. Looking in the mirror and realizing you look way better than you thought you did.
19. Emails from strangers about what an awesome job you’re doing.
20. When you confront your worst fear and realize that it’s not so bad, after all. You were getting yourself worked up over nothing all this time.
21. Falling asleep in the little nook of the person you love or at least like a whole lot.
22. Packing the day before a vacation that you have been waiting for! Getting up that morning and feeling super excited that it is happening.
23. Jumping into bed after you’ve just had a warm shower. Falling right to sleep easily and calmly.
24. Waking hours before you’re actually supposed to be up.
25. That the Supreme Court had the balls to ditch the Defense of Marriage Act!
26. The taste of butter on fresh bread. Also: the taste of an amazing glass of wine.
27. Having pizza with bacon and red onions for dinner.
28. When the airplane finally lands at your final destination and you thank God that you got their safely, but also marvel at the fact that it’s possible to travel all the way to the the other side of the world.
29. Watching your cat do something really stupid. Taking a video of it and posting the video on YouTube.
30. Listening to your favorite song over and over. Finding ‘live’ versions of it on YouTube and listening to those, too.
31. Hearing the last few bits of a song you really like and being able to “Shazam” it just before it goes off the air. Otherwise, that thing would have been stuck in your head and you would have never heard it again!
32. When you are struck by those random moments when you realize that you are so alive and have your whole life ahead of you

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