Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

[Puasa 1434H] Day 7, Have a lot of Question

I don't know why, 
I have a lot of question that I like to ask. 
but I honestly don't know for who the question I should ask for? 
I'm 27 y'o Mom with one daughter. 
I'm not that young enough to call my self as teenager anymore, 
event my age range is still on youth but.. yeah i don't know. 
Sorry if you all should read this article, 
about my confusing questioning in life. 
probably one of you could answer it.. 
but I'm not sure, am I need those answer.


Why we should feel sad?

Why we have such an emotional feeling, that sometimes could ruin your life?

Why everything feel so easy?

but at the same time, Why the easiest thing feel so flat?

Why people should loving each other?

Why I should care to what other people think about me?

Why sometimes I dont wanna meet people?

Why people looks perfect?

Why me?

Why I have a lot of question that I dont have the answer?

really confusing me,
sorry to read
so sorry

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